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I have a Shipping Question

How do I get my Tracking Number?

Tracking numbers were sent out by UPS the day your maple shipped.  Please check your email and spam folder. If not found please Contact Us


Can I have My Maple Shipped Later or on a Particular Date?

Yes, not a problem - when ordering just mention when you want it shipped in “special instructions” area.


Much does it Cost to Ship a Maple Tree?

This depends on the size of the plant and the distance it needs to be shipped.  There is a shipping calculator you can use when you have an item in your cart.


HELP!!!  My Tree was Damaged in Shipping...what do I do?

We have shipped over 5000 trees and usually there are no issues. But every once and awhile we will get a handler like this: Delivery Man

Take a deep breath and be reassured we will keep you as a happy customer.  Please take photos of the plant (and the box if damaged) email the photos to and then Contact Us


My Tree was Stressed in Shipping...what do I do?

It is not uncommon for a little stress to occur when shipping. If the leaves looked a little damaged or wilted - do not over water.  Soak once and set the plant in a protected morning sun afternoon shade place for a few days to recover. Check soil moisture before watering with fingers - water when almost dry. Do not fertilize.  If the plant does not perk up - send us a few photos and Contact Us!


I Recieved the Wrong Tree!...what do I do?

This sometimes happens - sometimes it gets pretty hectic shipping so please bear with us...we will sort it out and get you your tree ASAP. Please Contact Us


Only Part of my Order Arrived ...what do I do?

This is common when we ship the order in multiple boxes. If your plants do not arrive within 2 days of the first box Please Contact Us


Do you ship Internationally?

Sorry but no - customs proves too difficult to deal with.


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