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I have a Planting or Growing Question

When is the Best Time to Plant a Maple?

Since our trees are container grown - anytime the weather is cool to warm - but not hot.  Fall and winter are generally great times to plant trees - but if there is a risk of a cold snap (temps below 32*F within 6 weeks of planting time - wait until spring to plant. 

How Much do I Water?

Watering depends on lots of things like soil type, size of container and climate - so it is best to check your soil moisture with your fingers to see if it is almost dry.  Water when soil is almost dry.  I do not trust meters.
Mulch helps keep weeds away and moisture in.  You can use any kind of organic matter and 2” is abut right.

I have a Question on how to care for Japanese Maples 

Click link for : Maple Care  for lots of information on growing maples.


How Large of Container should I Plant my Maple in?

Japanese maples prefer to be somewhat snug in a container. If too much soil is allowed to sit around the rootball there is a greater chance of the soil becoming too saturated with water which can lead to root rot. This seems to be particularly true for smaller maples in containers. So it is best not to use a container that is too big for your tree. As a general rule use a container no larger than twice the diameter of the rootball and half again as deep.   Another way to look at this is not to go more than double the volume of the rootball.  With all of that being said: A 1 gallon plant can go into a 2, 3 or 5 gallon.   A 2 gallon can go into a 5, 7 or 10 gallon.


What is a good planting soil or potting soil for containers?

Japanese maples prefer a fast draining soil.  If planting in the ground and your soil is heavy clay it is a good idea to mix a reputable fast draiing soil mix with the existing soil 50/50 mix.  Bagged potting soil mixes that I have tried and like are Happy Frog, EB Stone Organics, and Fox Farm.  All of these will be fine for maples planted in containers.


Can Japanese Maples be Grown Indoors?

They can be kept inside for short periods of time (several weeks to a month). But as a general rule they are outside plants.  The problem with bringing them inside is that they prefer cool weather and the house is dry and warm...they do fine in a greenhouse which is warm but it has high humidy.  In winter they need the cold to reset their biological clocks for their dormant period.




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