General Information

Plant Availability

We propagate approximately 2000 maples each season. By offering trees that we propagate it creates a juggling act that makes it hard to stock hundreds of each selection. But this allows us to know the source of each tree we sell. Overall, we try to grow an adequate number of each variety for the season to keep our customers satisfied and coming back year after year. We have thousands of maples in various sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 25 gallon but the availability of most plants are limited. We use a computerized inventory system that is fairly reliable, however plants may expire or be sold and evade an update in the computer system. If you see a maple that you want that is sold out or on the Complete Maple List and it is not in the Online Nursery please inquire at


If you prefer ordering by mail you can download our order form here Once your order has been received, your plants will be pulled from the nursery to fill your order.

If you cannot accommodate an immediate planting date, many of our customers order early and hold their plants in a greenhouse or porch, keeping them as dormant as possible until the weather warms enough to plant outside. If this is not possible we can hold your plants here right up until May. 

We will ship your plants approximately 2 weeks after confirmation of your order or sooner.


We will not make substitutions on your order without your prior permission.


We make every effort to completely fill your order, however this is not always possible. Credit card orders are charged at the time of purchase. If there is a shortage on your order your credit card account will be credited within a week. If you paid by check, we do not keep a credit balance. If you are due a refund you can expect payment by mail within two weeks of shipment of your order.


Our preferred method of payment is with Visa or Mastercard in the Online Nursery. If you prefer, check and money orders are accepted with your order for plants. Simply print out an Order form   and fax or mail your order along with the check. If you choose this method of payment you are encouraged to inquire about plant availability prior to placing your order via e-mail or phone prior to sending your check. Availability changes rapidly.

We charge a fee of $25 for each check returned by our bank due to lack of funds.

Sales Tax

Under the California Sales and Use Tax Act we are required to collect sales tax on all gross sales made in California. Deliveries to out of state customers are exempt. The law requires us to presume that all sales are taxable unless exempt status is established.

Plant Sizes

A one-year tree is typically in a one-gallon pot and varies in height from 8 inches to 20 inches, depending on the cultivar. The plant has completed at least one year of growth. These maples have gone through at least one year of growing since they were grafted.

Two-year trees are in one gallon pots and are a bit taller and have more developed roots and branches. These maples have gone through at least 2 years of growing since they were grafted. They are larger in size that the 1 year trees and may range from 12-20 inches in grafted size depending on the cultivar.

Three-year trees are in a 1 gallon pot or 2 gallon pot and are a bit taller and have more developed roots and branches. These maples have gone through at least 3 years of growing since they were grafted. They are larger in size than the 2 year trees and may range from 24-36 inches in grafted size depending on the cultivar.


* Mendocino Maples Nursery is under compliance for Sudden Oak Death Best Management Practices.

* Mendocino Maples Nursery has a California Nursery Stock Certificate for interstate and intrastate shipments. 

* Mendocino Maples Nursery is under compliance for being brown snail-free certified.

**We have been a member of the International Maple Society since 1996.


Frequently Asked Questions

What size plants do you grow?

We grow plants from seedling size up to 45 gallon sized containers.

Do you sell plants larger than listed in the online catalog?

We sell plants of all sizes from seedlings to our largest landscape sized containers of 45 gallon. Sizes larger than listed in the catalog are available only at the nursery. You can check about availability of larger sizes at

Do you spray your plants?

We do not use any pesticides on our maples. Rarely we will spray neem oil to help control powdery mildew and other fungi. (This occurs only in the wettest of seasons).

What do you use for rootstock?

We use different kinds of rootstock matching the cultivar to the species. In most cases we grow our own rootstock to avoid problems with disease from outside sources.

Is Mendocino Maples Nursery open to the public?

Yes. We have over 2 acres of maples in the landscape and for the nursery. We have been on several garden tours that have been given on the Mendocino coast. This is our home as well as our nursery so we are open by appointment only. Please email or call Contact Us to make an appointment.

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