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4-5 year old (2 gallon) Japanee Maple Grab Bag

Here is your chance for a GREAT Maple BARGAIN! 

This Grab Bag contains one nice-sized 4-5 year old (2 gallon)  Japanese maple

with a retail value over $79. for ONLY $60.


This offer is for an exciting cultivar of Japanese maples including Lace Leafs, Dwarfs, Variegates, and more!

Our selection please. These are healthy nice sized plants that we have over produced.
This Maple Discount has a Limit of 2 Grab Bags per customer. Thank you.
Please note that for orders of 2 Grab Bags, some plants may/will be duplicates.


This is a mixed bag anything goes!  The Japanee Maple may be red, green, variegated, ...and all are nice sized!
Price: $60.00