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Summer Time Conditions

Mulch those trees!  Mulching not only keeps moisture in the soil it protects the shallow roots of the Japanese maple from heat scortch.  Do not fertilize - it will stress your trees this late in the season.

Also, please realize that some plants mailed this late in the season may show some leaf tip burn. It is difficult to keep small container maples looking great into the heat of Summer. We will ship the best looking plants and you can be assured we will only ship strong heathly growing plants. Some plants will go through a new growth phase occuring into late July.

Our nursery is a small, simple, family-run business. Mendocino Maples has about an acre of maples under production. We became enamored with maples and have been growing and collecting maples since 1992. We supply local nurseries, the local farmers markets, landscapers and the retail public.

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