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5 Tips on how to Winterize Your Maples!  As winter approaches your maples are loosing their leaves, going dormant and preparing for winter. Typically maples can handle down to -15° F with out much trouble - but when Japanese maples are young they might need some protection - if you live where there are severe winter storms.

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Our nursery is a small, simple, family-run business. Mendocino Maples has about an acre of maples under production. We became enamored with maples and have been growing and collecting maples since 1992. We supply local nurseries, the local farmers markets, landscapers and the retail public.

We have over 45 maple species of which there are more than 250 varieties to choose from. Robert personally grafts most of the maples we sell. That amounts to thousands of trees each season. Many are rare and unusual. We continue to search for and collect unusual maple varieties from around the world for the discerning landscaper and gardening enthusiast. Some specimens are in limited quantities and several are for our collection only.

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